February 2023

Fraud! Yellow Card Financial.. Website: www.yellowcard.io

There is high risk of loss of investment using this platform. Victims may never recover their lost investments or may only be able to file claims on their lost investments using legal means or attorneys. This is a fraudulent platform without professional reputation. While it shows on the Web, Yellow Card's headquarters is situated in Alabama, USA, it is alarming to see from the screenshot on the side their service is not permitted in the USA. This further indicates they are not licensed in the USA. Besides, there are two different hoax business addresses for Yellow Card seen below in the Company Directories.

Slide the photo below to see two hoax addresses used by Yellow Card.

Beware!! This crypto platform is a new player in the crypto industry who disregards all financial ethics and standards. Accounts on their platform are at some point deleted, while they retain all crypto and fiat assets in the deleted account. The Customer Support ignore all inquiries by email regarding the deletion and account restoration. They have no verified telephone contact or address. Yellow Card may have been started by Americans but it is currently run by sets of Nigerians who by nature are notorious for corruption and malpractices. With nothing to lose, since they are not the Founders or Owners, their financial malpractices towards Customers on the platform do not have direct impact on them, hence the bad practices.

Fraud bank account used by Yellow Card Financial

SASFIN BANK, South Africa. Account Number: 30000248509 Account Name: Yellow Card Financial


Following the recent booms in the De-Fi industry, many players have emerged seeking to benefit from what appears to be a gold rush. Before investing in a Crypto platform, ensure you do your research first, and always begin with minimal deposits. It is advisable not to stack all your Crypto assets in one platform to minimize risk.

Yellow Card Crypto Wallet OR YellowCard.io

Yellow Card Financial - Fraudulent Crypto Dealer - Bitcoin and Fiat

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