January 2023

ThinkMarkets - a Corporate Criminal

As they label themselves " ThinkMarkets | Award Winning Investing & CFD trading Broker"

"ThinkMarkets is an FCA and ASIC-regulated online broker for Forex, Shares, Indices, Precious metals, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies." "ThinkMarkets, an established, multi-award winning global broker you can trust."

TF Global Markets operate ThinkMarkets.com and the app ThinkTrader which is available on the iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows platforms.

But TF Global Markets, and their platform ThinkMarkets or ThinkTrader in actuality is a corporate criminal Broker with various tricks and approaches directed towards optimizing Losses, reducing a Trader's chance to earn Profits on their platforms. These tricks and approaches include session freezes during ongoing trades denying a trader of a TP (Take Profit), Midnight or off-market position closures that result in losses, discrepancies in financial histories, among others.

There seems no end to their tricks aimed at ensuring you as a Trader make minimal profits on their platform, but rake in maximum losses.

"While the Forex Market is slowly becoming more regulated, there are many unscrupulous Brokers who should not be in business" - INVESTOPEDIA

Whilst they are a dubious Broker with various trade manipulations, TF Global Markets and their proxies ThinkMarkets and ThinkTrader parade themselves as multi-regulated and multi-award winning Broker platform having partnership ties with the popular Liverpool Football Club. Various bugs, time-out and connectivity errors during trade sessions and many other tricks have been put in place on their trade apps to disrupt your trade, deny you TPs (Take Profit), and ensure you make far more losses than profits.

They may be swift to process deposits or withdrawals and offer zero fee on deposits and withdrawals, however this is simply a pat on the back to encourage you nothing bad is happening, since they are certain with various bugs and tricks on their platforms, you will not be making much profits to withdraw anyways. Operatives at ThinkMarkets may also be linked with Eastern European Cybercriminals, exchanging Trader information for further financial exploits.

"Trading is hard enough in itself, but when a Broker implements practices that work against the Trader, making a profit can be nearly impossible" - INVESTOPEDIA

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ThinkTrader OR ThinkMarkets.com

Licensed Forex Broker using trade manipulations to defraud Traders

1/14/20232 min read